The Essential Newbie Guide for Buying Gold & Silver


Do you want to diversify your portfolios? Gold and silver are worthy investing in because of their value. Today most people have allocated more than 15% of their investments to either gold or silver because these precious and valuable metals have a high return and can provide insurance for those who have invested in them. Wealth preservation is very important today and this is what has made most people to opt buying gold and silver. It’s only those who have invested in gold and silver who are considered as the wealthiest people in the world today. Gold and silver prices are very high and this makes them among the best portfolios to invest in. The essential newbie guide for buying gold and silver are:

Bankers suppress the prices of Gold and Silver

Most bankers are fond of suppressing the prices of these precious metals and this is not a conspiracy but a fact. There are some people out there who are on a misinformation campaign in order to give false convincement and conspiracy which prevents people from investing in gold and silver. Central banks play a very crucial role in keeping wealth of an individual in terms of gold and silver. These banks differ from one to another in terms of their prices and their suppression schemes.  Most banks in the world today have tried to ensure that they keep the prices of both gold and silver low so that they can attract potential investors.

You mining shares should not be left unencumbered

It is important for you to know that today we have several brokerage firms that play the role of lending silver and gold mining shares. The only way in which you can prevent or avoid such occurrences is by ensuring that you hold all your shares in either type one account or in form of cash. In case you have a PM mining shares then it is advisable that you don’t leave your gold and silver unencumbered. You can risk if you leave then unencumbered because the brokerage firms will take advantage and lend them out to the short-sellers and this is likely to lower the price of silver per ounce or even gold.

Gold & silver are still not expensive

Most people usually think that gold and silver are expensive and this is because of the confusion that is caused by their relative prices and their valuation which keep changing with time. Over the recent years gold and silver have risen for more than 70% and for more than 300% plus over the last several years hence the believe that gold and silver are expensive. According to the latest study that was conducted by World Gold Council globally Gold takes at least 1% of investable assets, 49% goes to equities, 9% to money markets and 4% to others.

Volatility is not risk in Gold &Silver

Banks have created a perception that Gold and Silver are risky portfolios but this is not the case because gold and silver are only volatile. If you buy gold bars today there are high chances that you will sell more in the days to come because it appreciates with time. Despite the fact that gold and silver are volatile it does not mean that you stop investing in these portfolios.

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