‘Tis the Day to Put a Ring on It


The 2nd most popular holiday to get engaged is quickly approaching – Valentine’s Day. Ladies, you’ve probably dropped some hints, but gentlemen it’s not too late to take notes on what is desired from an engagement ring.

Colucci’s Jewelers can help you figure out what’s important when seeking the perfect engagement ring:

Three Principles of Beautiful Engagement Ring Designs

The decision has been made. You’re going to “put a ring on it.”

Congratulations are in order—but not before you pop the big question. And, as any self-respecting proposer knows, along with the big question come big expectations. Most specifically: the ring. You need a beautiful, stunning ring that won’t only sweep her off her feet, but will be unique enough to truly feel like it belongs to her.

There’s just one problem: you have no idea how to create a unique ring.

Fortunately, we here at Colucci’s have your back. Here are the basics you’ll need to master if you want to give us the right feedback to design a wholly unique piece for your fiancée-to be.

Principle #1: Picking the Right Stone

The “rock.” The centerpiece. The focus of your engagement ring is probably the most important selection of the entire ring.

It needs to suit your fiancée’s tastes: if she likes smaller precious stones, then pick those. If she likes a larger centerpiece, then pick that. The right stone is the feature of the entire ring, so it’s likely the first choice you’ll have to make—and it’s likely the choice that’s going to have the greatest impact on her reaction.

At Colucci’s, you’ll have lots of diamonds to choose from, it’s true. But you’ll also find that the decision doesn’t end there. There are different types and shades of diamonds. There are “alternative” gemstones like sapphires, pearls, and garnets. Which one will suit you? Whichever one best fits the personality and tastes of your fiancée.

– See more at: http://coluccijewelers.com/beautiful-engagement-ring-designs/#sthash.4YCToGMd.dpuf

As Colluci’s pointed out, the hardest part about picking out the perfect ring is making sure that it’s unique enough to reflect her personality. If you’ve already decided to pop the question, this means that you know and love her personality, so it may not be difficult for you to spot the ring that is meant to be hers. However, there are so many options when it comes to engagement rings that it never hurts to take a look at what is currently trending.


Gold & Diamond Source reveals some of styles that are trending this year:

2016 Engagement Ring Trends

While we love the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, but these days, many brides-to-be are looking for more unique, nontraditional styles that stand out from the crowd and express their individuality in more compelling and vibrant ways.

Bold colors, vintage-inspired designs, woven silhouettes – they’re all making their way to the main stage and we’re breaking down the en-vogue trends of bridal jewelry for 2016.

Bold, Brilliant Colors

The classic diamond is no longer the only stone taking center stage in the world of bridal jewelry. Color is a fun and simple way to put a personal twist on the engagement ring and beautiful gemstones of all kinds are being used to create bold, eye-catching pieces. Using brilliant colors allows brides a whole new dimension in expressing themselves with their engagement rings.

See all of the trends here…

For some women the ring is more important than the actual way a man proposes, which puts a lot of pressure on purchasing the right one. Take some time to research the different options available, but be confident that you know the style of your fiancée-to-be.

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How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe This Winter


Winter is a beautiful season. Snow is falling and everything is so whimsical, but the weather can also be damaging to your possessions. Most people prepare for winter by making sure their homes and cars can withstand the weather, but what about your jewelry? These possessions go where ever you go and can get damaged very easily.

Ritani, a high-end jewelry brand, gives some tips on preserving your jewelry in winter.

How to Protect Your Jewelry During Winter

While it’s important to take care of your jewelry all year, winter in particular is a season that can wreak damage on your collection. Follow these simple tips to ensure that each of your favorite pieces will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

Keep It Clean

Bad winter weather may mean your jewelry is especially prone to damage this season. Dirt and grime can build up over time, meaning a piece simply won’t sparkle like it used to.

We recommend cleaning your pieces every month, and even more often if they are items you wear on a daily basis. Using a clean toothbrush and baking soda, make a paste with water to scrub gently until any dirt is removed.

Read the rest of their tips here…

If you’re active in the winter, you may want to take further precautions to safeguard your jewelry. Certain activities such as skiing or snowboarding can prove to be rigorous for your jewelry because you’re spending a lot of time in the snow.

Colucci’s, a North Charleston jeweler, provides some recommendations to shelter your jewelry from the winter weather.

Seven Unique Ways to Protect Your Jewelry in the Winter

Winter is one of the most troublesome times to wear jewelry. Not only is it impossible to track a ring that’s fallen into deep and powdery snow, but when people take jewelry off during winter, thieves can strike. But protecting your jewelry from damage, from being lost, and from being stolen doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

#1: Keep it simple. If you can, try to wear your simpler jewelry in winter. If you’re wearing very large and involved necklaces and rings, then accessories like scarves and gloves can easily get caught on them, not only creating an uncomfortable situation, but also potentially damaging the jewelry itself. For everyday purposes, keep your jewelry simple and out of the range of loose threads so it won’t get caught.

– See more at: http://coluccijewelers.com/protect-your-jewelry-in-winter/#sthash.EJSMGX9X.dpuf

No matter how you choose to spend your winter, make sure your jewelry is protected. These precious ornaments are delicate and probably cost a pretty penny. Handle them with care.

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Gold is Stepping Up to the Plate in 2016


Although gold prices might be wavering in market trends, the precious metal is boldly making a statement in jewelry trends for 2016. Julia Roberts stood out among the celebrities adorning the Red Carpet with her audacious necklace possessing countless gems set in 18k yellow gold.

Fashionistas and jewelers are taking notice of this trend and are advising others to incorporate gold pieces to their wardrobe. Sandra Yakovleva comments on the Top 7 Jewelry Trends for 2016 and lists gold as her third trend to look out for:

3. Gold, structured jewelry

A personal favorite of mine. There is something timeless about the elegance of gold juxtaposed with a structured jewelry item. We’ve seen them in stores for a few years now I believe, but gold is about to become one of the most prominent palettes in the fashion industry. Combined with a structured piece gives you that prized possession that can work for any occasion. With anything.

See full list of 2016 trends here.

Gold is not a new phenomenon in the jewelry industry, but with its versatility to come in various hues it has become a highly sought after metal. Ali Brownrigg gives a lesson on What to Know About Gold in her recent article on Cut & Polish:

The best thing about gold (aside from its lustrous beauty) is the number of hues it comes in. Learn the difference between rose, white, and yellow gold, and the scoop on karats.

The Rainbow Connection
Gold is most commonly found in three colors: yellow, white, and rose, but if you double-down on your Internet skills you can also find green, red, blue, even purple. How is that possible? While gold is naturally yellow, the color of the metal can be manipulated by mixing it with other metal alloys when molten.

For example, if silver (or other white metals such as nickel or palladium) is added to pure gold, the gold becomes less yellow, whiter in hue, and called white gold. White gold is often plated with another metal called rhodium—closely related to platinum—that provides an extra bright silvery-white finish and helps protect the metal. This is the version of white gold you’ll find in most fine jewelry today. While the rhodium finish can fade over time, a simple re-plating is all it takes to bring back its original shine.

When copper, which is a reddish hue, is added to yellow gold, the metal takes on a pinkish shade referred to as rose gold. (Aluminum is the alloy that makes gold purple, by the way.)

Read the rest of the article here.

So as we continue our journey into 2016, consider adding gold jewelry to your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to mix it up. It’s no longer frowned upon to wear gold and silver at the same time.

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The Essential Newbie Guide for Buying Gold & Silver


Do you want to diversify your portfolios? Gold and silver are worthy investing in because of their value. Today most people have allocated more than 15% of their investments to either gold or silver because these precious and valuable metals have a high return and can provide insurance for those who have invested in them. Wealth preservation is very important today and this is what has made most people to opt buying gold and silver. It’s only those who have invested in gold and silver who are considered as the wealthiest people in the world today. Gold and silver prices are very high and this makes them among the best portfolios to invest in. The essential newbie guide for buying gold and silver are:

Bankers suppress the prices of Gold and Silver

Most bankers are fond of suppressing the prices of these precious metals and this is not a conspiracy but a fact. There are some people out there who are on a misinformation campaign in order to give false convincement and conspiracy which prevents people from investing in gold and silver. Central banks play a very crucial role in keeping wealth of an individual in terms of gold and silver. These banks differ from one to another in terms of their prices and their suppression schemes.  Most banks in the world today have tried to ensure that they keep the prices of both gold and silver low so that they can attract potential investors.

You mining shares should not be left unencumbered

It is important for you to know that today we have several brokerage firms that play the role of lending silver and gold mining shares. The only way in which you can prevent or avoid such occurrences is by ensuring that you hold all your shares in either type one account or in form of cash. In case you have a PM mining shares then it is advisable that you don’t leave your gold and silver unencumbered. You can risk if you leave then unencumbered because the brokerage firms will take advantage and lend them out to the short-sellers and this is likely to lower the price of silver per ounce or even gold.

Gold & silver are still not expensive

Most people usually think that gold and silver are expensive and this is because of the confusion that is caused by their relative prices and their valuation which keep changing with time. Over the recent years gold and silver have risen for more than 70% and for more than 300% plus over the last several years hence the believe that gold and silver are expensive. According to the latest study that was conducted by World Gold Council globally Gold takes at least 1% of investable assets, 49% goes to equities, 9% to money markets and 4% to others.

Volatility is not risk in Gold &Silver

Banks have created a perception that Gold and Silver are risky portfolios but this is not the case because gold and silver are only volatile. If you buy gold bars today there are high chances that you will sell more in the days to come because it appreciates with time. Despite the fact that gold and silver are volatile it does not mean that you stop investing in these portfolios.

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Is Investing in Gold a Good Idea?

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Investing in gold is so popular. Some investors have had great successes by buying gold bars and other precious metals. Some investors, however, do not favor investing in gold.

Should you put your money in Gold?

It’s widely believed that you cannot get the huge returns out of gold as you could have gotten in the past. But there are still many reasons to invest in gold.  It’s a great hedge against erosive powers of inflation. Most people draw attention to the fact that you cannot create interest or dividends from gold. They actually identify an irrefutable weakness of the metal as an asset. As a matter of fact, you must be sure of steadily rising values in order to breed earnings.

Gold Maintains Value like Nothing Else

There are so many critics of gold, but still it is evident that there are many people who buy gold bars and invest in other gold items. On top of this, they are so attached to this precious metal that they don’t want any substitute (any stock) for it.

There is also the question of whether gold and silver prices (values) will soar in the future or not. It is a fact that the gold will retain value no matter what happens in the future. It often happens that when inflation runs out of control then value of money decreases. If the government defaults or currencies fail then the value of money and shares decrease. However, nothing happens to the gold even in all such circumstances. The value of gold continues to stay the same but the same cannot be said for the average stock share.

Some Ways to Start Investing in Gold

There are some reliable ways to take advantage of gold’s ability to maintain value as well as to preserve wealth. Without any suspicion you can invest in gold coins and bars because these are mostly liquid and it’s easy for an average investor to gauge their values.

  • Investing in gold coins can be advantageous, as these coins offer higher prices and current spot value than the simple gold. The additional value of the gold coins is due to the design effort that is put into them. Some popular coins include Chinese Gold Panda and American Gold Eagle etc.
  • Other than gold coins, gold bars are also efficient investments. You can easily keep these bars in your safe or other reserves. Most of the companies sell gold bars of different sizes and shapes such as Johnson Matthey gold bars.
  • You can also invest in ETFs. Exchange Traded Funds most often hold different sorts of gold assets. Don’t forget to notice that the ETF in which you are going to invest has some physical gold investments.

Whatever option you choose, whether it be buying gold bars or coins or investing in ETFs, make sure that you have come into this sector of the market after complete understanding of each and every factor that may affect you.

Get more info here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-06/gold-supply-boom-ending-as-price-slump-means-less-mine-spending

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Investing In Gold To Create Financial Freedom

Investing In Gold

In these current economic times, it’s no wonder that gold reveals itself as one of the best investments anyone can make right now. It achieves this high ranking for a myriad of  reasons that can’t be seen just from looking at the surface. Oh no, one must dig deep and be willing to re-examine any beliefs that challenge the notion of how to invest in gold as money. This little piece of organic, yellow and finite element given to us by mother nature herself is so much more than a gold brick or a sack of coins in your hand.

A History of Gold as Currency

Gold was the first form of legal tender used for the sale of goods and services. What’s interesting is that the U.S. dollar is actually a currency that was put into use with the intention of being backed by gold. The idea was, you could take a dollar bill to the bank and exchange it for its full value in gold whenever you wanted. The currency was supposed to be nothing more than a legal note representing the amount of gold you own and are willing to barter with. Then, in 1971 President Nixon took America off the Gold Standard transforming the U.S. currency into a fiat currency. This essentially means that all U.S. dollars are now backed by nothing but the belief that they are valuable because that’s just the way it’s always been, right? Why has the price of literally everything in America gone up over the past 4 decades? It’s called inflation and it shows no sign of slowing down. learn more details!

Paper Money

The Federal Reserve has this neat machine called a printing press. This large contraption prints out brand new U.S. dollars everyday and just adds it to the currency supply. Now, history will show that when a Government pumps too much currency that is not backed by anything into the economy, inflation will happen. Take Zimbabwe for example. In the 90′s their President printed a massive amount of paper currency to pay of the country’s debt. This resulted in hyperinflation and their dollars weren’t even worth the paper they were printed on anymore. It cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy a roll of toilet paper, and the people of Zimbabwe were on their hands and knees digging in the mud everyday for gold so they could trade it for food.

Gold’s Everlasting Value

Please give full attention to this next sentence: Gold will not lose its value, even if the worst, most horrible and unthinkable economic crisis happens. It is real money; it cannot be faked and its value cannot be shaken. There has not been one instance in the entire history of the world where a fiat currency did not fail. It’s a lot to swallow and hard to believe, but the U.S. currency is not going to break that streak. All good things come to an end and obviously this economic system has run its course and served its purpose. Once this one dies another one will pop up just as quick and the people who are investing in gold now and planning ahead will be at the forefront to reap the fruits of their labor while everyone else struggles to plant their first seed. More info: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3116636-investing-in-gold-over-the-long-run-which-etf-is-best

Nobody wants to wake up one morning to find out that the money in their bank is now worth a fourth of what it was. Put your money into gold. Protect yourself from inflation, protect yourself from fiat currencies, protect yourself from government mishaps, and most of all set yourself up to win. It’s your birthright! And it is so much better than losing.

Investing In Gold

The point of this website is to educate and enlighten people of this looming economic challenge. Some would say that this problem is quite underrated in today’s society, mainly due to not a lot of people knowing about this information or taking the time to really put their finances in order. Luckily you are now aware of this and everything else you need to know is packed inside the free guide about investing in gold you will receive after filling out the short form directly below.

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A Precious Metals IRA Can Provide Additional Retirement Security

Precious Metals

For thousands of years, gold and silver have been recognized as a representation of wealth. They have been used directly as currency and as backing for national currencies. Because of the fact they tend to remain stable in otherwise fluctuating economic situations, precious metals IRA diversification can be a tremendous investment choice.

Recent history has experienced numbers of downturns in national and worldwide economies. Certain investments, such as the stock market, can be extremely unreliable because of their heavy dependence on intangible assets and the fragile nature of the market. Millions of people have suffered severe losses, particularly in the area of retirement funds. Diversifying these plans can be an excellent direction toward more security.

Popular forms of investments, such as stocks and real estate, have gone through frequent periods of fluctuations. However, precious metals have always remained steady in comparison. Of course, any commodity will fluctuate to some degree, but metal does not react in the same manner. Losses in value generally take place at a low rate and will usually recover very quickly.

Not surprisingly, investment specialists recommend incorporating diversity in financial planning strategies. Many suggest gold and silver as vehicles for providing greater security. For the most part, converting part of an IRA account is a simple process. Of course, these procedures can vary widely from any one individual to another.

It is extremely important to understand that benefits and restrictions rely on individual circumstances. For this reason, it is imperative that anyone who considers altering their current program should consult competent personnel before taking action. In addition, adequate research should be undertaken to completely understand how individual preferences can influence final decisions.

It’s important to note that the Tax Payer Relief Act provided a number of important options in 1997. For many years, investment possibilities were limited to only a few specific avenues. Mainly, these consisted of only a few American coins. Now, bullion and bars can be included into personal account portfolios.

For the most part, investors can easily transfer funds from an IRA account. This requires proper documentation, but can normally be completed in just a few days by using skilled consultation services. Contacting the custodian of any individual plan is the best place to begin. This is usually necessary to completely comprehend options that may be available. Read more at http://www.southbendtribune.com/news/business/precious-metals-achieve-new-luster-as-value-of-dollar-drops/article_b5e198d5-9cba-59a2-b590-481d74f5ea75.html

In the event current retirement plans with previous or present employers involve a 401 K program, it may be necessary to have funds rolled over into an IRA account. There’s a possibility that contributions by an employer may no longer be provided. Therefore, it may be prudent to save these adjustments until closer to actually retiring.

Due to the fact that everyone has a different situation, every alternative needs to be thoroughly examined before making long-term commitments. What works for one person may not be best for someone else. Everyone should seek the advice of someone who is knowledgeable in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Precious Metals

Consulting with a past or former employer is normally the most logical place to start. Developing a precious metal plan can be a secure way to maximize an individual retirement account. Choices made can have a serious impact on future circumstances. Research and precise knowledge can guarantee success.

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The Advantages of a Gold IRA Rollover

Gold Coins

When a person wants their retirement fund to last, the sole way they can achieve this is by ensuring they invests in a gold IRA rollover. The majority of individuals invest in paper-based IRAs, and plenty of people have benefited from them immensely. Nonetheless, the many issues with these paper-based investments are now becoming more evident with countless seniors having to work full-time or part-time to continue supporting themselves. Continue reading.

A person may question why paper-based IRAs are flawed if countless individuals are opting for them. The trouble with paper IRAs is that the investments depend on volatile and risky financial vehicles. Financial institutions and advisers guarantee security, but the reality is that the money market is known to fluctuate greatly.

Gold IRAs

A better alternative is a precious metal investment for the IRA. Whereas precious metals actually do fluctuate in price, similar to other investments, the fluctuations are generally steady and growing. For instance, gold has steadily appreciated in value for the last ten years. Read more:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gold-ira-rollover-options-from-regal-assets-are-the-focus-of-new-website-regal-assets-gold-300014752.html

In addition, precious metals are better than paper-based investments because their quantity is limited and have evergreen qualities. Paper investments are not in fact limited by anything as more stocks may be created. Also, several individuals have lost a ton of money as they invested in places that were very popular, but then quickly died.

It is a known fact that there are only so many precious metal on earth. An investor is guaranteed that, despite more precious metals being discovered, he will not lose the value of his investment. The investment will not be diluted, as there will always be a scarcity in the market.

Gold IRA Investment Growth

If an individual has his Individual Retirement Account set up by his employer, then it is probably paper-based. Paper-based IRAs are the default investments that firms create for workers, though it is not hard to switch the Individual Retirement Account from paper to a precious metal one. It is normally simpler to change the Individual Retirement Account once an individual leaves his job or retires, though he can make the switch right now if he so wishes.

It is advisable for a person wishing to change his Individual Retirement Account to speak with his employer and find out the name of the company he is working with. He ought to then give them a call and inform them that he wishes to change his Individual Retirement Account from paper-based investments to a precious metal one. The financial adviser will then provide the necessary forms required to change the Individual Retirement Account.

An individual could wait until he changes his Individual Retirement Account, although it is advisable to do it immediately. Precious metals are ever increasing in price and value, and it is best to get them now to receive the most benefits. If a person desires a comfortable, stress-free retirement, then he ought to seriously consider getting a precious metal Individual Retirement Account today.

Gold Coins

Few individuals mull over their retirement as it is a scary time. People do not wish to work any longer, but they also do not wish to be concerned about their financial situation. If a person desires the most stability in his later years, then it is best for him to change from his paper-based Individual Retirement Account to a gold IRA rollover.

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Important Tips on Buying Gold Bars and Gold Bullion

Buying Gold Bars and Gold Bullion

It is very important to know all the facts before you start to buy gold bars and gold bullion. If you are considering investing in gold, then you should be aware of all the facts and tips about gold and gold bars. Here are all the most important tips that you need to know before you start buying gold bars and gold bullion.

Find the best gold for you

Don’t buy the kind of gold that your friend is also buying. Your preferences and needs are different, so your type of gold should also be different. There are a lot of different kinds of gold that you can buy. You just need to do your research and find the form of gold that you prefer and that is good for your lifestyle.

You can buy gold bullion in the form of gold bars, gold coins or even gold dust. No matter which form of gold you prefer, gold will still be valuable. If you are uncertain of which form of gold you prefer, then you must do some research about every form of gold, so that you can make an informed decision. This is the best way to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

Search for the best prices

When you are buying gold bars or gold coins, you should search around for the best price before you start buying just like when you are buying anything else. You will normally look where you can buy the cheapest furniture, so why would you buy your gold at the first and most expensive place?

You want to sell your gold and be able to make some profit. If you are buying your gold at a very high price, you won’t be able to make a lot of profit. There are people that are selling their gold at a great price. Look at those guys. Don’t buy your gold from the first person that is coming your way.

Where to buy gold

Now, that you know what type of gold you want to buy, you need to know where to find the gold for sale. Going to dealers you might pay a high price. It is best to search for private sellers that are reliable and trustworthy. Make sure that they and their gold are legit before you buy anything. Take your time and look online for a seller. Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/terry-savage/the-case-for-gold—-just_b_7261762.html

When you find a seller, make sure that he is legit by searching him online. A gold seller will have some sort of information or reviews about him online. Use that to your advantage to find out if he is legit or not. Buy gold bars only if you sure that the gold is genuine.

Buying Gold Bars and Gold Bullion

Deciding to start investing in gold can be the best decision that you will ever make in your life. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are doing the right thing for you personally. Don’t listen to other people about what type of gold you should invest in. In the end it doesn’t matter if you buy gold bars, gold coins or gold dust, as long as you invest in some sort of gold that can secure your future.

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What Is A Better Investment Now: Gold Or Silver?

buy scrap gold and silver

If you are looking for a bullion to invest in, you might ask if you should rather buy gold bars or if you should buy silver bullion. This isn’t an easy question, and there isn’t just a right or wrong answer. What bullion you want to invest in depends on personal preference. But, for those who don’t know if they want to invest in gold or if they would rather invest in silver, here are the pros of each. This will make the decision so much easier. Check this link here!

Pros of buying gold

There are so many pros of buying gold bars or even gold coins. But, here are a couple of the most important reasons why gold is a great investment.

The first and most important benefit of buying gold as an investment is the fact that the value of gold is so much higher than the value of silver. If you have a lot of money to invest in gold, then it can be a great investment with great profit, especially if you are going to resell the gold in a couple of years.

If you are investing in gold coins, you can know that the gold coins will look great for a long time. This is because the gold coins won’t tarnish easily. Silver coins need to be stored very carefully, because they can tarnish very easily.

The gold price is a lot steadier than the price of silver. When you buy gold, you will be certain that in ten years the gold price will be still quite steady. The price of silver isn’t as steady as gold, and you won’t know if you are going to make a profit when you need to sell the silver.

Pros of buying silver

For those who are more interested in buying silver and not in buying gold bars, there is some great news. There are a few pros when you are investing in silver rather than investing in gold. The pros of investing in silver are:

Because silver is cheaper than gold, it makes sense to invest in silver when you don’t have much money. Gold is very expensive and if you can’t afford to invest in gold, you can always invest in silver. This is also a valuable bullion, but just a little bit cheaper than gold.

You will be able to buy more silver than gold because silver is much more affordable. You will be able to build a higher stock of silver coins with the same amount of money that you would have used to buy gold.

buy scrap gold and silver

And, it will be much easier to store your silver in a safe place than gold. This is because gold is very heavy and there are people that are stealing gold rather than silver. Silver might be less valuable than gold, but your investment will be a lot safer. See more here: http://www.theguardian.com/business/marketforceslive/2015/may/12/ftse-loses-1-with-gold-and-silver-miners-on-the-rise

With this list of the pros of gold and the pros of the silver, you will be able to make a decision easier whether you want to buy gold bars as an investment or if you should instead invest in silver.

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