Is Gold or Platinum or Silver the Best Jewelry Option?

Certain times of the year we are more likely to buy jewelry, February is one of those times. The good news is that buyers have more options than ever with beautiful ornaments available in silver, platinum or gold. However, such a wide selection could leave you wondering what precious metal is actually the best? Review the list of advantages and disadvantages below to see what might be most sensible for you.

The Desirability of Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is one of the most sought out types in Dallas, as it is found in many other parts of the country. Gold gives the impression that whoever uses it has enough money, good taste, and even class. This makes gold jewelry even more desirable. But, it can be hard for many people to pay for the gold jewelry they want.

One of the most common pieces of jewelry that are usually made of gold is a ring. Rings, particularly wedding rings, are usually made of gold although many people choose to use titanium or platinum instead. But for many, gold remains the most desirable metal for use in rings. Choosing your gold wedding rings in Dallas can be hard with all the options available.

Platinum Jewelry – A High Quality and Durable Option

Platinum (a white metal) is one of the most popular options for making jewelry. People around the world love platinum for its durability and endurance, and this has been true for several centuries, except for the period during and directly after the Second World War, when its use in jewelry making was banned. Not only that, but it does not tarnish, since many other precious and semi-precious metals are prone to see with the passage of time. Therefore, if you think about investing in a piece of elegant and high-quality jewelry, you can consider investing in one or more pieces of platinum jewelry.

Although, in the long run, you will usually pay more for items made with this precious metal, in particular, it is typically a good investment because it will last you, both your own life and the lives of your heirs to whom you pass it along. In other words, it may take you some time to save up to buy the piece of platinum jewelry you’ve been paying attention to for a long time.

Now, What Exactly Is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

What that means is that it is not pure in the sense of 100% silver. Technically speaking, it is a combination of 92.5% silver and generally 7.5% copper. If it were, it would be too soft to be portable. In this case, the copper acts as the structure on which you can mold the silver in whatever you want.

Sterling silver has been used in the manufacture of jewelry for thousands of years. Known for its reasonable price, ease of use and trendsetting styles, silver has been widely used in today’s market. Actually, with the amount of silver jewelry that is being designed and manufactured now, you have almost unlimited options to use. Silver itself never goes out of fashion, so you can make sure that no matter how fashion trends modify, silver will always be a part of it.

Tarnish is something that many people even love the lustrous color of the patina (some refer to as “patina”). However, there are ways to eliminate tarnish. Tarnish is caused by the contact of silver with air and other materials.

A cloth made to clean sterling silver will usually have chemicals soft enough to remove the patina. Dips and rough creams are never recommended because they are too abrasive and can scratch and damage your jewelry. Know more here: .

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