Investing In Gold

Investing In Gold To Create Financial Freedom

In these current economic times, it’s no wonder that gold reveals itself as one of the best investments anyone can make right now. It achieves this high ranking for a myriad of  reasons that can’t be seen just from looking at the surface. Oh no, one must dig deep and be willing to re-examine any beliefs that challenge the notion of how to invest in gold as money. This little piece of organic, yellow and finite element given to us by mother nature herself is so much more than a gold brick or a sack of coins in your hand.

A History of Gold as Currency

Gold was the first form of legal tender used for the sale of goods and services. What’s interesting is that the U.S. dollar is actually a currency that was put into use with the intention of being backed by gold. The idea was, you could take a dollar bill to the bank and exchange it for its full value in gold whenever you wanted. The currency was supposed to be nothing more than a legal note representing the amount of gold you own and are willing to barter with. Then, in 1971 President Nixon took America off the Gold Standard transforming the U.S. currency into a fiat currency. This essentially means that all U.S. dollars are now backed by nothing but the belief that they are valuable because that’s just the way it’s always been, right? Why has the price of literally everything in America gone up over the past 4 decades? It’s called inflation and it shows no sign of slowing down. learn more details!

Paper Money

The Federal Reserve has this neat machine called a printing press. This large contraption prints out brand new U.S. dollars everyday and just adds it to the currency supply. Now, history will show that when a Government pumps too much currency that is not backed by anything into the economy, inflation will happen. Take Zimbabwe for example. In the 90′s their President printed a massive amount of paper currency to pay of the country’s debt. This resulted in hyperinflation and their dollars weren’t even worth the paper they were printed on anymore. It cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy a roll of toilet paper, and the people of Zimbabwe were on their hands and knees digging in the mud everyday for gold so they could trade it for food.

Gold’s Everlasting Value

Please give full attention to this next sentence: Gold will not lose its value, even if the worst, most horrible and unthinkable economic crisis happens. It is real money; it cannot be faked and its value cannot be shaken. There has not been one instance in the entire history of the world where a fiat currency did not fail. It’s a lot to swallow and hard to believe, but the U.S. currency is not going to break that streak. All good things come to an end and obviously this economic system has run its course and served its purpose. Once this one dies another one will pop up just as quick and the people who are investing in gold now and planning ahead will be at the forefront to reap the fruits of their labor while everyone else struggles to plant their first seed. More info:

Nobody wants to wake up one morning to find out that the money in their bank is now worth a fourth of what it was. Put your money into gold. Protect yourself from inflation, protect yourself from fiat currencies, protect yourself from government mishaps, and most of all set yourself up to win. It’s your birthright! And it is so much better than losing.

Investing In Gold

The point of this website is to educate and enlighten people of this looming economic challenge. Some would say that this problem is quite underrated in today’s society, mainly due to not a lot of people knowing about this information or taking the time to really put their finances in order. Luckily you are now aware of this and everything else you need to know is packed inside the free guide about investing in gold you will receive after filling out the short form directly below.

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