Gold is Stepping Up to the Plate in 2016

Although gold prices might be wavering in market trends, the precious metal is boldly making a statement in jewelry trends for 2016. Julia Roberts stood out among the celebrities adorning the Red Carpet with her audacious necklace possessing countless gems set in 18k yellow gold. Fashionistas and jewelers are taking

The Essential Newbie Guide for Buying Gold & Silver

Do you want to diversify your portfolios? Gold and silver are worthy investing in because of their value. Today most people have allocated more than 15% of their investments to either gold or silver because these precious and valuable metals have a high return and can provide insurance for those

Is Investing in Gold a Good Idea?

Investing in gold is so popular. Some investors have had great successes by buying gold bars and other precious metals. Some investors, however, do not favor investing in gold. Should you put your money in Gold? It’s widely believed that you cannot get the huge returns out of gold as

Investing In Gold To Create Financial Freedom

In these current economic times, it’s no wonder that gold reveals itself as one of the best investments anyone can make right now. It achieves this high ranking for a myriad of  reasons that can’t be seen just from looking at the surface. Oh no, one must dig deep and

A Precious Metals IRA Can Provide Additional Retirement Security

For thousands of years, gold and silver have been recognized as a representation of wealth. They have been used directly as currency and as backing for national currencies. Because of the fact they tend to remain stable in otherwise fluctuating economic situations, precious metals IRA diversification can be a tremendous

The Advantages of a Gold IRA Rollover

When a person wants their retirement fund to last, the sole way they can achieve this is by ensuring they invests in a gold IRA rollover. The majority of individuals invest in paper-based IRAs, and plenty of people have benefited from them immensely. Nonetheless, the many issues with these paper-based