Here’s the Secret Ingredient to Your Perfect Valentine’s Day

Dinner and a movie can happen any night of the week. This staple Valentine’s Day date is a lazy attempt at finding something to do. Your significant other wants to be wooed on the most romantic day of the year. They want to be swept off their feet with romantic gestures and fall in love with you all over again. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Fortunately, we know that it is too much to ask – especially if you’ve been wooing them for many Valentine’s Days. Surpassing their expectations year after year can be exhausting, and quite frankly, a little intimidating. Luckily, there’s one secret ingredient that you can use time again to keep her on her toes each and every Valentine’s Day… Be spontaneous!

If you’re not the spontaneous type, you may be overwhelmed by the idea of having to do something completely out of the norm, but don’t worry, I’ll provide you with some ideas you can use that is most likely not something you do for your loved one everyday.

Spontaneous Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • Breakfast in Bed

    Start the day off by making her breakfast in bed. I can guarantee that this is not something she’ll expect you to do. Meghan Basset from Bustle gives some ideas of what you can create for your sleepy loved one.

    1. Lemon Brioche French Toast & Raspberries

    This killer French toast recipe from The Kitchn would brighten up any morning with those citrusy and fruity flavors. It’s the perfect way to start the morning off with a flavor explosion.

    2. Strawberry Pancakes

    Not only are these strawberry pancakes from A Spicy Perspective a classic Valentine’s Day breakfast, you can create cute little hearts with freshly sliced strawberries to make hearts on hearts. That extra touch of sweetness will score you some serious points.

    3. Baked French Toast Casserole with Praline Topping

    The praline topping on this over-the-top baked French toast recipe from Brown Eyed Baker has me wishing it were Valentine’s Day already. It’s like a mixture of candy and breakfast in every bite.

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  • Take Her on a Day Date

    Day dates are so underrated. There’s a misconception that romance can only happen at night. However, these daytime date ideas will get her feeling the romance.

    1. Take a Trip to the Beach

    The beach can be a romantic place to get away from it all. Whether you two choose to spend it strolling the shore line hand in hand or laying in the sand side by side, it’s a great place to focus on the two of you while enjoying the sound of the waves crashing. To make it even more romantic, stay to watch the sun set.

    2. Go to the Zoo


    If your loved one is in love with animals, the zoo may be just the place to spend the day. This may not be the most romantic activity, but you’re significant other will appreciate that you took their interests into account when planning your Valentine’s Day. What’s more romantic than a man who pays attention to the things you like?

    3. Go Hiking


    If you’re an outdoorsy couple, this might be the perfect date. Spend time with nature and each other by exploring different trails. Climb a mountain and bask in the breathtaking views together. If you want to receive extra romance points, pack some lunch and have a picnic near a waterfall or at the peak of a mountain.

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  • Create a Scavenger Hunt

    This idea is for those guys who aren’t afraid to get a little creative. If you can accomplish this one, you’ve won Valentine’s Day. I must warn you, if you use this idea this year, it’s going to be really hard to top years to come. Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate this idea every year so that it doesn’t get redundant.

    1. Do a Scavenger Hunt at a Museum

    Courney Kocak from Bustle shares this unique idea:

    To celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, Watson Adventures is conducting “Naked at the Getty” scavenger hunts at the famed Getty Center in L.A. Join in their fun, or find a group scavenger hunt in your neck of the woods. Or — perhaps the best idea — create one just for your SO. Think about it: Nobody knows your partner better than you do, so put all that insider intel to good use.

    2. Retrace Your Most Romantic Memories


    If you’ve been together for a long time, romance might be a distant memory from when the two of you were just getting to know each other and you were doing everything you possibly could to sweep her off her feet. Well, do it again!

    Create a scavenger hunt that leads her to your most romantic date spots. For instance, give her a clue that will lead her to the restaurant where the two of you had your first date and have dinner there. Then, give her a clue that takes her on an adventure to a place where you had the most fun together. Lastly, lead her back home where you have already created a romantic setting to end the night.

    3. Lead Her to a Fine Restaurant


    Yes, dinner at a fancy restaurant is overrated. However, if you surprise her to dinner at a fancy restaurant by leaving clues to where you’ll be dining, you’ll be adding an element she never expected.

    Now, be careful how you present this surprise because this can go bad very fast. In the morning, give her the first clue that way she knows you’ve already planned something. If you wait until the end of the day to present her with the first clue, she might spend the day thinking you didn’t plan anything and that will turn your sweet day into something sour. Spread out the clues so that she’ll be in anticipation all day.

    Since she doesn’t know where you’re taking her, she’ll probably be worrying about what she should wear. Make one of the clues an outfit YOU would love to see her in (remember that you’re going to a public place, so be tasteful in your choice of attire).

    After you’ve lead her to the fancy restaurant, have one final clue presented to her with dessert. Allow this clue to lead the two of you back home to end the night.

    If you need a little help thinking of clues to leave her, here are some websites that can help you out:
    Scavenger Hunt Fun
    Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

If you choose any one of these spontaneous Valentine’s Day date ideas, you are sure to sweep her off her feet and put the romance back in your relationship. While these ideas are all big gestures of romance, they are ideas that can be used together in different combinations to create many different dates. For instance, start the day with breakfast in bed, followed by an afternoon at the beach where you stay long enough to see the sun set, and end the night back at home in each others arms. You can also take that same date and incorporate a scavenger hunt that leads her to the next adventure.

The point is, if you take this one day of the year to do something you wouldn’t normally do throughout the year, you’ll be creating a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget.

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